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Ply Grip

5 Tooth Ply Grip 1.5m strip
5 Tooth Ply Grip 1.5m strip 2 tooth ply grip rollSoft 3 Tooth Ply Grip


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Ply-Grip available in

  • 1.5 metre Strip  with 5 tooth.
  • 100 foot (~30.5 m) roll with 2 tooth. Silver finish.
  • 100 foot (~30.5 m) roll with 3 tooth. Dull silver finish, SOFT.

Ply Grip is used to fasten fabric to a wooden frame where you would otherwise have to hand sew a seam,
for example around an arm facing or on an outside back of a chair.

The ply grip is stapled to the frame of the chair and the fabric is folded over the teeth and tucked
into the ply grip which is then closed, firstly using hand pressure then gently tapped with a hammer to tightly close it.

5 tooth Ply Grip has a larger base while 2 and 3 tooth Ply Grip is more flexible and bend around corners better.
It works best with medium weight upholstery fabrics but thinner materials can be used by backing the fabric with 2oz polyester wadding

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1, roll 2 tooth, roll 3 tooth