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PLEASE NOTE: hessian is in a  short supply across the country at the moment. We don’t currently have any full hessian rolls and very low on all hessian stock until at least end of October, beginning of November.

Hessian-ScrimHessian is a woven fabric usually made from skin of the jute plant. Used for covering springs and webbing in upholstery. Also used for stitching and stuffing work.  It is available in varicose weights: lighter – 7.5 oz and  10 oz, and heavier – Scrim and Tarpaulin. Please, note: all goods sold by the metre are supplied in one length.

£2.25£210.00 inc VAT
£3.75£176.00 inc VAT
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£5.35£250.00 inc VAT
£3.89£185.00 inc VAT